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Gourmet Festival at Puerto Vallarta

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Every person who has been to Puerto Vallarta before will agree that it is one of the most beautiful coastal destinations in Mexico. The majestic landscapes, clear waters, some of the best hotels on the Pacific side (http://goo.gl/EnGm5n) and incredibly fun adventures are what millions of tourists look for each year. But Puerto Vallarta has so much more to offer. Something that you can experiment in PV without guilt is the delicious food especially at the International Gourmet Festival.

Puerto Vallarta: Gourmet Paradise

If you take food seriously when trying to decide where to go on vacation, then you will find that #PuertoVallarta is definitely the best choice you could ever make. Due to its wide variety of award-winning restaurants, late night eateries, sidewalk cafes, delis, typical Mexican fondas and cenadurías (small restaurants serving typical Mexican food) transform this city into a haven for chefs and food lovers alike. Today nobody doubts that good food is a really huge deal in Vallarta. Besides the food that you can try everyday, the city has been promoting a series of local and international culinary events several times of the year. For example, it hosts Wine Fest in March, Restaurant Week in May and the ultra famous International Gourmet Festival in November. Every November, the most important restaurateurs of Puerto Vallarta and #RivieraNayarit organize a ten-day culinary party. Chefs from all over the world work together with local gurus to show and teach about their gourmet artworks. This event is definitely a must!

The Gourmet Festival in Vallarta

This year the Gourmet Festival will take place from the #13thto23rdofNovember and even before it starts, people are already getting excited for it! Through this, you can see that the festival has gained an important status throughout the world. Moreover, this year, more than 30 Masterchefs from around the globe will be willing to share their secret recipes, extraordinary talents and techniques with festival attendees. The amazing experiences that people get to live during these days is simply inspiring and magical. But the International Gourmet Festival is not new to locals. Every November, since March of 1995, Puerto Vallartabecomes into a culinary destination. The history begins with two of the most talented chefs: Thierry Blouet (owner of Cafe des Artistes) and Heinz Reize (owner of Coco Tropical). They had the idea to empower Puerto Vallarta's excellent food on the international scene. So the 10-day event needed to highlight Vallarta's best gastronomy. Today, more than 30 restaurants participate and international chefs come from different places such as the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

What can You Taste?

During the 10 days food frernzy, guests can attend such all kinds of events:

1) one of the most popular is the Gourmet Safari also known as #ProgressiveDinners in which each of four courses is served at a different top restaurant
2) the Chef's Table & Winemaker Nights with fabulous pairings of food and wine
3) two all-day Gourmet Cooking Demonstrations. Master Chef Thierry Blouet leads the first Roland Menetrey and Heinz Reize the second.
4) the Wine and FoodJam with JazzKoket
5) a workshop, wine pairing and luncheon with a guest chef
6) a Cooking Show at La Leche Restaurant
7) Noches de Tango (Tango Nights) at The River Cafe
8) Meet Great masterchefs and Chat Live

All in all, even though you will love Vallarta's beaches, luxurious hotels and exciting outdoor adventures; you will certainly emjoy getting to know a different side of it through its recipes. Thus if you love food, you can't miss being part of this amazing event; so, come and spoil your palate at the Gourmet Festival of Vallarta.

+Romina Nieto (https://plus.google.com/103729708456986637098/posts/JPXsWcsdCQv)

Image: Flickr by Casa Velas Hotel